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Southampton Exchange job ads are a quick and easy way for employers to find staff.
"Your site has been extremely useful for advertising tutoring jobs.

So useful in fact that we have had to delete the advertisement because we have had too many enquiries!

We will re-advertise at a later date.

Thanks, JW

• Advertising a job on Southampton Exchange takes just 2 clicks of your mouse. There is no complicated employer registration process, no time-consuming, unnecessary rigmarole and best of all NO CORPORATE RATES.

• Follow the prompts to enter the details of the job you need to fill including job title, remuneration, job description, days, hours, relevant qualifications and experienced required, etc

• The better the job description you provide the more suitable job candidates you can expect to respond

• Specify how you want interested people looking for work to apply for the job. Did you want them to call you? Email you? Send you their resume? etc

• If you find a work wanted ad of interest advertised on Southampton Exchange you can make contact with the job seeker easily and directly and at no charge to you

• Upload an image. It could be the business logo or the work place for eg. A picture will draw attention to your job ad

• Importantly, only actual job vacancies will be published on Southampton Exchange, not business opportunities
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